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Looking for the best home fitness bike?  While finding the best exercise bike depends largely on your personal needs and preferences, there are some bikes that stand out from the crowd. 

The following models are our top picks for the 'best' exercise bikes - both recumbent, upright and indoor cycling.  They give you ergonomic design, comfortable ride, sturdy construction and more value for the money. You'll also find links to read more informaton on each.

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Get More For Your Money With These Picks
Best Exercise Bike
Best Exercise Bike
Best Exercise Bike - Indoor Cycling
best exercise bike - proform
Proform Tour De France Bike

Price: $1299

[ Full Review ]

Why We Chose It:

1) Inclines and Declines - This is the first indoor cycling bike that inclines and declines. You get 20% incline and decline that matches the terrain of the street.

2) Intelligent Wind Resistance - This feature automatically adjusts the resistance of your bike based on your wind profile, your weight and height.

3) iFit LIVE - With Fit LIVE and Googlemaps technology, you can map out and ride any course in the world.

You can choose from 24 pre-mapped courses or create your own trail. The bike uses Googlemaps to simulate the terrain. So along with the incline and decline (and a full color console screen), this makes for a very realistic ride.

The Proform Tour De France bike is the ideal for professional and amateur cyclists - or just anyone who wants a challenging workout that will keep them in shape all year round. And with the incline/decline, wind resistance and iFit LIVE, you really won't find another bike like it.

While it's fairly new and can be hard to find in stores, you can get it here and save $200 off the retail price.

Click Here To Save on the Proform Tour De France Bike

best exercise bike - indoor cycling
Best Recumbent Under $600
Livestrong 5.0 Recumbent Bike

Price: $699

[ Full Review ]

Why We Chose It:

1) Contoured Seat With Lumbar Support - The Livestrong 5.0 has a comfortable-feeling contoured seat with lumbar support. This will give you a more comfortable workout and help you workout for longer.

It also comes with an Easy-Step-Through Design makes it easy to get on the bike when you start out.

2) Easy To Use Console - The console on this bike is clear and simple to use with easy start and stop buttons so you can just get on and go.

You get 16 levels of resistance to challenge yourself along with 9 different workout programs as well.
3) Free Shipping With Inside Delivery - While many online sellers give you free delivery, you have to pay extra to have the bike delivered inside to the room of your choice. The Livestrong 5.0 comes with Free Shipping and inside delivery which is very convenient, especially if you don't want to do the heavy lifting.


The Livestrong 5.0 recumbent bike offers comfortable design, well-laid out console and a smooth riding feel - all for under $600. While it doesn't have some of the bells and whistles of higher end models, it offers great value and solid construction quality for the money.

Click Here To Learn More About the Livestrong 5.0 Recumbent
Best Exercise Bike - Upright
Sole LCB Light Commercial Bike

Price: $1299

Why We Chose It:

1)  2 Degree Inward Angle on Footpedals - The Sole LCB is designed with a 2 degree inner angle slant on the foot pedals. This helps give you more proper body alignment and reduces the stress on your joints giving you a more comfortable workout.

2) 30 lb Flywheel - In general, the heavier the flywheel, the smoother the ride. The monster 30 lb flywheel on this bikes gives a very smooth transition between all 40 resistance levels

3) Self Generating - The Sole LCB bike is self-generating and does not require a power source, similar to what you find in many commercial bikes. So you can place it anywhere you want.

Sole make some beautiful exercise bikes with an emphasis on ergonomic, comfortable design and solid construction. The Sole LCB Upright is one of their best upright bikes.

While occasional users could save a bit and go with the non-commercial Sole B94 Upright ($799), if you're looking for a commercial grade upright bike, without the commercial price tag, you'll be very happy with this bike.

Click Here For More on the Sole LCB Upright Bike
Livestrong 5.0 Recumbent Bike
Nordic Track GX 5.0 Recumbent

Price: $599 + Free Shipping

[ Full Review ]

Why We Chose It:

1) iFit LIVE - This feature uses the wireless internet in your home to connect your bike to the Internet. It then uses Googlemaps so you can map out and ride any trail you want in the world ( you can choose premapped trails as well).

You can also download new workouts to your bike by Jillian Michaels (where she coaches you through the workout). You can also track your workout stats and nutrition online to reach new fitness goals.

2) 24 Digital Resistance Levels - The 24 levels gives you lots of room to grow on this bike. Plus it's easy to change resistance with just the touch of a button - no wrenching a resistance knob up and down when you want to change resistance.
3)  Large 5" Backlit Console - The console on this bike is larger than many bikes at this price point - 5" and easy to read from any angle. There's a racetrack display so you can easily track your speed, pace and distance with this visual, quarter-mile racetrack. And it shows your stats like speed, time, distance, resistance, pulse and calories burned.


The Nordic Track 5.0 recumbent rates a "Best Buy" because it's packed with so many features that you don't find on other bikes at this price point. With a heavy 350 lb weight capacity it feels solid and stable and you work it.

You'll never get bored with the 30 built-in workouts, iPod dock with speakers, heart rate monitor and of course iFit LIVE. Overall, you just can't beat this kind of value for under $600.

Click Here For More On the Nordic Track 5.0 Recumbent
NordicTrack 5.0 Recumbent Bike
Best Recumbent Bike - Runner Up