Nordic Track Exercise Bike Review

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Nordic Track exercise bikes aren't nearly as popular as their treadmills.  However from what we hear, Nordic Track is working on expanding and improving their line of statationary bikes. 

Are Nordic Track bikes a good buy for you? Here's a review to help you decide. 

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Nordic Track 705 Upright Bike
Nordic Track is a subsidiary of Icon Health and Fitness, one of the largest producers of exercise equipment in the world, who also manufacture brands like Proform, Weslo, Healthrider, Image and Reebok.

Nordic Track makes both upright and recumbent exercise bikes and prices range from $299 - $799 depending on the model and where you buy.

Many NordicTrack bikes offer SMR - Silent Magnetic Resistance.  (Magnetic Resistance is a higher quality of exercise bike resistance). This gives you a quiet workout and allows you to change resistance levels smoothly with the touch of a button while working out.

Most bikes also include some form of heart rate monitor like Cardio Grip pulse sensor on the front or side of the bike. This makes it easy to monitor your heart rate and stay in your target fat burning zone.

You can usually get a range of built-in workouts as well, including pulse-driven programs. Consoles for the most part seem attractive and can also include built-in fans and water bottle holders.

On the other hand, Nordic Track bikes don't have the high expert reviews that similarly priced brands like Schwinn and Keys do. And the epinions user reviews of Nordictrack bikes only rated them an average of 1.5 stars out of 5 - even lower than Proform.

Another area of concern is the NordicTrack exercise bike warranty which only covers the frame, motor, parts and all labor charges for one year. Again, compared to other brands in this price range, it falls short.

Bottom Line:

Nordic Track exercise bikes are attractive basic machines that offer a few nice features.  If you love the Nordic Track name you may be quite happy with a Nordic Track recumbent or upright bike.

For this price however, we would probably consider a Schwinn first which offers high expert and user reviews as well as longer warranties.

Where To Buy At A Discount:

If you do decide to purchase a Nordic Track, you can save money by buying direct from the Icon manufacturer - Workout Warehouse

You'll save money on the store markup - which can usually save you a few hundred dollars. You can also save on sales tax and shipping.

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