Tunturi Exercise Bike Review Tunturi Exercise Bike Review
Founded in Finland in 1922, Tunturi is one of the oldest and best known manufacturers of fitness equipment in the world.

While Tunturi manufactures everything from rowing machines to treadmills today, the company had its origins as a bicycle repair shop. Tunturi makes both recumbent and upright stationary bikes.

Tunturi exercise bikes have a distinctive European style. They are on the higher end side and the sophisticated design and electronics make them a favorite with serious athletes.


1)  Backlit, Attractive Consoles -  Tunturi is know for making sleek attractive consoles, most of which are backlit and easy to read. The higher end models even offer a graphical simluation of cycling outdoors (see console image on right)

2) T Ride - Several Tunturi models like the E80 Bike offer the T-Ride option which offers a graphic simluation of cycling outdoors - a great way to extend your workouts and keep motivated.

3) Loads of Fitness Programs - Tunturi bikes offer the most fitness program options of any brand we've seen.

For example, the E80 - comes with 126 functional programs including heart rate control, user profiles, a competition function and fitness tests. If you really want to push yourself to the next challenge, these bikes can help you.

4) Exercise Without Shoes - Several models come with Tunturi ergonomic 'soft' pedals - which are so comfortable, you can even exercise without your shoes on.

5) Low Step-Through Design - Tunturi recumbent bikes offer a very low step-through design that makes it easy to get on and off the bike. It also  makes it easy to see the TV while you're exercising.


These are extremely sophisticated bikes - especially in terms of fitness tracking, graphs, charting your progress, etc. So they may be more than some people really want, or need.

Also, the brand is not as well known in North America so they may be harder to find.

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What To Know Before You Buy
Tunturi Exercise Bike
Tunturi Exercise Bikes
Tunturi Exercise Bike Review
Tunturi Exercise Bicycle
Tunturi Exercise Bike
Product Ratings:

Tunturi E30R                 -    7 / 10

Tunturi E60 Upright        -    8 / 10

Tunturi E60 Recumbent   -     8 / 10

Conclusion: Recommended

Tunturi is a strong company that focuses on making sleek, well-built bikes with the most sophisticated console and tracking programs on the market. With everything from fitness tests, tons of workout programs, individually tailored workouts and even graphical outdoor displays, these bikes are built for serious athletes.

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