Sole B94 Upright Bike Review Sole B94 Upright Bike Review
The Sole B94 Upright is a higher end upright bike - built to be ergonomically correct and extra-comfortable.

Designed with a slight 2 degree inner angle slope on the foot pedals, the bike gives you a more natural body alignment when you pedal. This also helps to prevent aches and stress on the joints, especially during long workouts.

There's also an easily adjustable, padded seat and a heavier 26 lb flywheel for a smoother feeling ride. 

We also love the extra-large, 9" wide backlit console which makes reading your workout stats easy from any angle. And the console fan with iPod dock adds some extra enjoyment to your workout.

Is it right for you? Here's a quick review of the Sole B94 upright bike to help you decide:


Price: $799 + Free Shipping

Type: Upright

Resistance: 20 Levels

Built In Workouts: 10

Weight Capacity: 300 lbs

IPod Dock with Console Speakers

Console Fan

Warranty:  Lifetime Frame Warranty, 3 Year Parts & 1 year Labor Warranty.


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What To Know Before You Buy
sole b94 upright bike
Sole B94 Upright Bike Review
1)  2 Degree Inward Angle on Footpedals

The B94 exercise bike is designed with a 2 degree inner angle slant on the foot pedals. This helps give you more proper body alignment and reduces the stress on your joints. It also helps give you a more comfortable workout.

2) Heavy 26 Pound Flywheel Gives An Extra-Smooth Ride

Different bikes carry different types of flywheels. A heavier flywheel gives you a smoother, more comfortable ride, especially when you're changing resistance levels.

The Sole B94 recumbent bike flywheel is 26 pounds which, while not the heaviest on the market, is still heavier than most. It gives you a very smooth feel to the pedalling motion.

3) Extra Large Backlit Console Window

One of the things we love about Sole bikes is their consoles. They are some of the largest console windows on the market (9 inches across) - with blue backlit screens. This makes them really easy to read your workout stats while pedalling.

4) iPod Dock With Speakers

Plug in your iPod or MP3 player into the console and listen to your favorite tunes through the speakers. While not an essential feature, it can still make your workouts more enjoyable and fly by much faster.

5) Hand Grip Heart Rate Monitor

Stay in your target heart rate zone with the hand grip heart rate monitor on the side of your seat.


You don't get as many bells and whistles as far as workout programs, fitness tracking programs that you get with some other brands. Most of the money has gone into construction on these bikes.

Conclusion: Recommended

If you're looking for an upright bike that is built to a higher standard than most department store upright models, you'll definitely want to check out the Sole B94 exercise bike. It feels stable with a comfortable gel-padded seat and the specially designed pedals give you a more ergonomic workout with less stress on the joints.

We also like the extra large console that makes it easy to read your workout stats while you pedal. Plus the iPod dock and console fan are little touches that can make your workouts more enjoyable.

Overall, a good buy if you're looking for a higher grade of upright bike for a decent price.

Where To Buy At A Discount

You can get the Sole B94 Upright bike direct from the Manufacturer. You can also get Free Shipping to your home, which can save you about $75.

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best price sole B94 Upright exercise bike
Sole 94 Upright Bike
sole b94 upright bike